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Find Your Voice & Make It Heard

With over 20 years experience of singing in rock and pop acts, Emma has learnt some great skills that enable strength, stamina and impact, both in singing and in public speaking scenarios.

Vocal Projection, Personal Impact and Presentation Skills


Everyone encounters situations at some point in their lives where they need to speak in front of a group, run a presentation or just be heard in a meeting. This can understandably be daunting.


We’ve all been there; sweaty palms, tight knotted stomach, stumbling on words, the dreaded brain freeze!… and that’s just when you think about the possibility of standing in front of a crowd…


Let us ease your pain. Learn how to change nerves to excitement. Move from quivering wreck to a confident, calm and kick-ass version of yourself.


We’ll cover things like:

  • Breathing techniques that will keep you calm and make sure you stay vocally strong
  • Getting in the zone with mindfulness and Power Posing to energise you
  • Preparing yourself mentally so you feel good in the run up to the event, not just right before it
  • Projecting your voice correctly with verve and stamina
  • Understand how to combine vocal strength with dynamic pitch, pace and tone
  • Combine all this with impactful, confident body language and physical presence
  • Self-talk to help you stay focussed and find the perfect words
  • Using your amazing personality and humour as a tool to persuade and engage.  Style it out!

Vocal Va-Va-Voom! Group Singing for Wellbeing


At ESpresso, we believe everyone who wants to sing, absolutely should. Yes. Even you!


“But I’m tone deaf!”, I hear you cry!

“It doesn’t matter!”, I respond!


In our Vocal Va-Va-Voom workshop, we’re singing for the sheer heck of it and that’s what matters - not what notes you hit.


And anyway, you’ll all be singing as a group so we’re in it together. No divas required!


You’ll learn warm-ups, mash-ups, traditional tribal songs and team singing arrangements that will have you grinning from ear-drum to ear-drum.


Trust me on this, this workshop will give you a buzz that only group singing can give you. It may make you feel a bit “ooooh this is not my comfort zone” for an instant or two. But that disappears really quickly when the unbridled joy of making beautiful music together sets in.


You’ll walk away from this feeling amazingly energised and bonded as a team, with a sense of Wellbeing that no chocolate bar, retail therapy or bubble bath can give you.

Sip before you commit:

Want a Taster session first? Just warble in our direction and we'll come and show you what we do FOR FREE.

Wait… Nothing worth having in life is free, right?

Darn it. You got us there. It’s not totally free. But all we’ll ask from you is:


  • A written or video recommendation or testimonial if you like what you see
  • Send at least one decision maker to the Taster.
  • For Vocal Va-Va-Voom singing workshops, you’ll need an absolute minimum of 6 people attending to reach the right Va-Va-Voom levels. A max of 12 is good for a Taster
  • Fully commit to it. Ignore those emails and calls for just a short time! This is ‘You Time’.


Note: Sip Before You Commit session bookings are subject to you accepting terms which will allow us to recover reasonable expenses, in the event that you cancel at short notice.

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