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Who we are

Emma Shaw

Director, Consultant, Facilitative Trainer, Coach

Hello! I'm Emma. And ESpresso Learning is my baby. It was officially created by in 2016, although, it's been brewing for several years before that if I'm honest.


I've been in the field of Learning & Development for over 15 years, and a human for much longer. ESpresso is a rich, full-bodied blend of all the experience I've gained in those years, both in my professional and my personal life. But not only that; I have a few very trusted associates who add some amazing flavour to this brew.


My absolute passion is people. I love, love, love working with and talking about us human beings and all our wonderful and weird facets. I'm fascinated with how people tick. Constantly amazed by the inner and outer behaviours of them.  Like a clock enthusiast (Google interrupts here and says "I think you mean horologist Emma" and rolls eyes) getting giddy about an antique discovery.


So it's very natural for me to want to help people learn about themselves and each other. Making real, meaningful, impactful connections is what drives me. Those principles apply in LIFE and IN BUSINESS. I passionately believe that success in business HAS to be centred around people.


People and learning. That's what ESpresso exists for. To live life, learn from it and laugh as much as possible. Through a constant commitment to learning, people and organisations can achieve unbelievable things. Let's connect and make it happen.


Industries I've worked with include:

Telecoms, many aspects of financial services, multiple contact centres, debt recovery, B2B and consumer sales, retail, warehousing and transport, social housing and retirement living.


I am an NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy Practitioner, experienced coach and am passionate about Accelerated Learning, social and collaborative approaches and disruptive learning methodologies.


Evoke. Empower. Evolve.


Coming soon.

Company Registration: 10301322