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Sensational Sales

Sales is really interesting thing. We think so anyway. Long gone are the days of pushy-pushy, feel-bad sales.

These days, it’s about making people feel good about a purchasing decision. It’s about making them see the value in what you can give them. Solving a problem. Giving them something that will change their lives or business for the better. And then keeping them coming back for more because they love what you do.


As we all know, there’s a huge amount of fascinating psychology behind selling. There’s also a lot of overlap with how we deliver excellent customer service and how we create really a worthwhile and feel-good sales relationship. We’d love to share this experience with you and help your sales teams become sensational.


Areas we’re brilliant at:

  • Creating a simple and effective sales structure for both cold and warm sales situations
  • Coaching individuals on a one-to-one, observational basis for an accelerated learning curve
  • Understanding how to move from transactional to transformational sales and creating lasting loyalty with your clients and customers
  • Getting the mindset right, setting goals, channelling effort and increasing confidence and resilience in challenging and competitive environments
  • Presenting and pitching to an audience with enviable skill and finesse!

Sip before you commit:

Want a Taster session first? Just wave in our direction and we'll come and show you what we do FOR FREE.

Wait… Nothing worth having in life is free, right?

Darn it. You got us there. It’s not totally free. But all we’ll ask from you is:


  • A written or video recommendation or testimonial if you like what you see
  • Send at least one decision maker to the taster.
  • Also send a minimum of 4 delegates and max of 8.
  • Fully commit to it. Ignore those emails and calls for just a short time! This is ‘You Time’.


Note: Sip Before You Commit session bookings are subject to you accepting terms which will allow us to recover reasonable expenses, in the event that you cancel at short notice.

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