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Outplacement Support

Outplacement Support - As difficult as this can be to implement, sometimes restructuring means some people will lose their roles. At ESpresso, like many people, we’ve been through this, and from experience, we can honestly say this can be an opportunity if you’re one of the individuals that are made redundant. In fact, ESpresso Learning was borne of this opportunity. And very gratefully so!


A Leadership Team has a choice; let people go without really concerning yourself with what happens to them next. Or giving them the best possible chance to create an amazing new path for themselves.



You may well have people who will need to go through the internal selection process and therefore end up successful gaining a role and staying with the business.


But how long has it been since those individuals have been to an interview or had to discuss competency examples? They may never have had any guidance to learn these skills. It’s your moral duty as a Leadership Team to support them to do this.


What’s the risk if you don’t do this? It’s very possible that you won’t get the right talent in the right roles if people are ill-equipped and prepared for this process. Help people to succeed and not fail.


This is where ESpresso can really make a difference.


We provide Outplacement workshops and coaching that will cover many aspects. There’s all those key practical skills people need but then there’s the personal, mindset skills that will really make a person stand out and succeed.


Areas we’re brilliant at:

  • Writing an outstanding CV
  • Preparing and excelling in a competency based interview and assessment centre - maybe even enjoying it!
  • Creating a fantastic LinkedIn profile and using LinkedIn as a superb (and very accessible) resource for opportunity and self-marketing
  • Being different and creative in a way that reflects the real you and gets you noticed in the best ways.
  • Mental and physical preparation for interviews and presentations
  • Turning nerves to excitement
  • Having the right mindset and self-talk to get you through the challenging times
  • Learning to sell yourself and be proud of what you can do (stop being so modest!)

Sip before you commit:

Want a Taster session first? Just wave in our direction and we'll come and show you what we do FOR FREE.

Wait… Nothing worth having in life is free, right?

Darn it. You got us there. It’s not totally free. But all we’ll ask from you is:


  • A written or video recommendation or testimonial if you like what you see
  • Send at least one decision maker to the taster.
  • Also send a minimum of 4 delegates and max of 8.
  • Fully commit to it. Ignore those emails and calls for just a short time! This is ‘You Time’.


Note: Sip Before You Commit session bookings are subject to you accepting terms which will allow us to recover reasonable expenses, in the event that you cancel at short notice.

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