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How we do it

ESpresso exists to facilitate change and development in a way that has individual and wider organisational impacts. To figure out what this needs to be like for you, we want to get involved, talk to people, find out what's important to you and why.


We much prefer this approach than delivering off-the-shelf packages as it means we can make sure we're giving you what you want and need.


So we'll come to meet you and have a chat first and find out if we're a good client-consultant fit; that’s important. Then we'll get stuck into what's going on for you that you need our support with. The technical term for this is a Needs Analysis. But we prefer to think of it as getting involved, living and breathing, delving in and having some real conversations.


In this way, we can figure out what you TRULY need. What is it that needs to be different and what value will that have? This is a much more effective approach than just "we need a course to help managers do change".

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