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Fabulous Facilitation and Train The Trainer

There's a difference between a Trainer and a Facilitator. Sometimes, Trainers acquire their role through being subject matter experts. And this a great route into a great vocation.


But it's even better if you're given the learning opportunities you need to deliver a WOW experience to your groups. Training is not just about imparting information. It's not just about being able to talk to a group. It's about FACILITATING learning.


Whether you’re just embarking on a new training career, or have been doing it a while and want to really shake up how you do it, we'll carve out a solution that works for you and your organisation.


So what's the ESpresso way then?



  • Give people loads of information by talking at them incessantly.
  • Make it 'The Trainer Show' and all about our instant gratification.
  • Force people to sit in silence and read overloaded, boring slides or handouts.
  • Expect people to learn or be inspired by just being in the room.
  • Train people on topics we like or a syllabus we're rigidly sticking to, regardless of whether it's of any use to you.


We DO:

  • Allow people to experience, create, discover, discuss, play and evolve in a way that feeds their senses and is inclusive.
  • Make sure people feel safe to test things out, make mistakes, have an opinion and fully participate without being judged or compromised.
  • Stretch people into their Learning Zone in a responsible way, that gives them valuable new skills, outlooks and mindsets.
  • Want participants to thoroughly enjoy the experience, giving them energy and inspiration to make lasting changes well after the event.
  • Design the programme in a way that directly delivers on your desired outcomes and objectives and truly adds value
  • Deliver an experience that is different, varied and memorable.
  • Train people, not content.


Not only do we run all our programmes with these principles in mind, but we can support you in making your programmes like this too.

Sip before you commit:

Want a Taster session first? Just wave in our direction and we'll come and show you what we do FOR FREE.

Wait… Nothing worth having in life is free, right?

Darn it. You got us there. It’s not totally free. But all we’ll ask from you is:


  • A written or video recommendation or testimonial if you like what you see
  • Send at least one decision maker to the taster.
  • Also send a minimum of 4 delegates and max of 8.
  • Fully commit to it. Ignore those emails and calls for just a short time! This is ‘You Time’.


Note: Sip Before You Commit session bookings are subject to you accepting terms which will allow us to recover reasonable expenses, in the event that you cancel at short notice.

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