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Coaching for Life

Life can be amazing. But not always easy. So everyone needs a bit of coaching at some point – it's not only ok to need a bit of extra support, but it's really important that we ask for it. Wouldn't it be sad if there was all this potential human gold inside you that never got out?


We can help you find your gold and make it shine!


Gold we can help you find:

  • The ability to tackle life's challenges with energy and verve
  • Creating golden opportunities out of those tests that get thrown into your path
  • Becoming a resilient human, with confidence, self-awareness and style
  • Renewed energy and confidence to go and get what you really want out of life
  • Setting aspirational goals and achieving them.
  • Getting in touch with what's really important to you and finding ways to focus on it
  • Navigating myriad decisions
  • ….and much more besides


So how much will this kind of support be?

Personal, one-to-one, tailored sessions start at £200 per hour, dependent on your needs. We can do an hour at a time or even spend half a day with you.*


We’re more than happy to give you a 30 minute Sip Before You Commit consultation session too for just £50. It’s important you feel comfortable that we’re the right fit for you so you can get the best possible from this opportunity.



*We take people’s lives and budgets seriously. That’s why we will never encourage you to have more sessions than you need. People sometimes expect they’ll need quite a few sessions to get them where they need to be. Often the complete opposite is true. It’s amazing how much of life’s quandaries can suddenly slot into place from just a couple of interactions and a space to explore.


Similarly, career coaching can often open up other areas of life that would benefit from developing. In fact, an apparent need for career development, can be a symptom of other things going on for you. Things that perhaps you weren’t aware of.


If we spot this happening, there’s lots we can do to successfully coach you in these areas too. But we will absolutely promise you that we will only do this within safe boundaries. In other words, if we’re not qualified to work with you on it, we won’t ever put you at risk. We’d always refer you to someone with the right skills or expertise to get you the best result.


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